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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions from Lake Charles Homeowners

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Do You Really Pay All Cash For Homes?

Yes we do. Bayou Property Partners is a local company that buys houses for cash in the Lake Charles area. There are no banks, lenders, or financial institutions involved when we buy homes in Louisiana.

Where Do You Buy Houses?

Bayou Property Partners is a locally owned and operated company that buys houses in Louisiana. We pay cash for homes in Lake Charles, Lafayette, and the surrounding neighborhoods in Acadia, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. Landry, and St. Martin parishes. Browse our service areas to find out if we buy houses for cash near you!

How Do You Calculate My Cash Offer?

We have a 4 Step Home Buying Process that helps us craft your fast, free, and competitive cash offer. After you request a cash offer, we’ll look at things like the age of your home, square footage, number of rooms, condition and cost of repairs, location, and comparable home values in your area.

How Long Until I Get Paid?

From cash offer request to closing date, our home buying process usually only takes a couple weeks, but it’s up to you when you get paid. We’ll present you with a cash offer, and once you accept, you’ll choose a date and time for your closing. You’ll get paid in full at the closing.

Do I Need To Pay Any Fees, Commissions, or Closing Costs?

Not at all! There are zero fees and zero commissions to pay when you sell your house for cash to Bayou Property Partners. And guess what? We even cover all the closing costs involved with the sale. The cash offer we make is the full amount you’ll receive for your home. No hidden fees or costs.

What Makes You Different From a Real Estate Agent?

We’re not here to knock down real estate agents in any way. In fact, selling your home through a real estate agent may be the best option for you. It all depends on your timeline and need for convenience. A real estate agent may be able to get you more for your home, but the home selling process can take anywhere from 3, 6, or even 9 months before you get paid. You’ll have to deal with things like cleaning, repairs, home staging, public showings, banks, lenders, and more. On the other hand, when you sell to company that buys houses for cash like Bayou Property Partners, we eliminate most of those roadblocks. We can typically buy a home and close the deal in just a couple weeks because we’ll be buying your home directly.

Why Should I Sell My Home To a Cash Buyer?

We buy houses for cash to help Louisiana homeowners in a number of different personal, financial, or family related situations. Maybe you’re facing a financial hardship and need to free up some cash quickly? Or you recently inherited a home that you don’t want or can’t afford? What if everything is going fine but you don’t feel like waiting months to sell? Basically, it comes down to convenience and time. If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Lake Charles and get paid in a couple weeks, Bayou Property Partners is your solution.

Are Your Cash Offers Competitive?

Absolutely! They need to be. You actually have a lot of options when it comes to selling your home in Louisiana. There are agents, realtors, and many other cash buyers. The local real estate market is very competitive and our offers need to be competitive as well. Already received a cash offer from another buyer? Let us know when you request your offer. In most cases, we’ll be able to beat it.

Do You REALLY Buy Houses As-Is?

Yes we do and we mean it! We’ve purchased a lot of homes in the Lake Charles area over the years. So if you think you have an issue with your home that we’ve never seen or can’t handle, think again. Foundation issues? Roofing issues? Flood damage? Fire damage? Squatters? Whatever the condition, we don’t care, we’ve seen it all.

How Do I Request a Cash Offer?

All you need to do is contact us to get your fast, free, and competitive cash offer. Use the short form below to get the process started today. You can also request a cash offer by calling Bayou Property Partners at (337) 246-5935.
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