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Sell Your House As-Is (Any Condition)

Sell Your Lake Charles House As-Is Any Condition
Did you know that a home with excessive junk, clutter, or damage can lead to code violations and also cause health and safety concerns? This isn’t just an issue for you, the homeowner, but also a big problem for your family, guests, and also neighbors.
Do you have junk or garbage blocking exits in and out of your home? Is excessive clutter leading to fire code violations? What about infestations from bugs or rodents? Is doesn’t matter to us, we’ll buy it! Once the sale is done and all the paperwork is signed, we’ll get your home in tip top shape for a new homeowner. We’ll take care of things like trash removal, decluttering, and handling any major repairs and code violations. Just one less thing for homeowners to worry about when selling a home.
What Types of Distressed Properties Do You Buy?
Contact Bayou Property Partners to sell your house today! We Buy Houses in Lake Charles As-Is. Submit the form below to request an all cash offer for home today.

Probate and Inherited Properties

Sell Your Lake Charles Probate or Trust Property
Do you own a Lake Charles home in probate? Recently inherited a property in Lafayette? At Bayou Property Partners, our real estate services are aimed at providing relief for homeowners who have acquired burdensome or unwanted homes through inheritance, probate, estate sales, or homes left in trust.
What Types of Unwanted Properties Do You Buy?
We understand there’s a lot of concerns and questions around selling probate homes or inherited properties in Louisiana. These things can get complicated quickly, especially when they’re unexpected. Ready to get a cash offer for your unwanted property? Use the form below and we’ll have an offer ready for you in one day. Or contact us with any questions before you get started.

Avoid Foreclosure

Sell Your Lake Charles House to Avoid Foreclosure
There’s a lot of homeowners in Louisiana having some difficult times lately, especially when it comes to keeping up with mortgage payments. Things like adjustable rate loans, unemployment, credit card debt, and expensive divorces are pushing homeowners closer to foreclosure. What can you do if foreclosure is inevitable?
The first thing to remember is that you’re not alone. The next thing to know is that there are people, like the team at Bayou Property Partners, who understand your situation and can offer help.
If you’re in a situation where foreclosure cannot be avoided, please contact us right away. We’ll take the time to understand your personal and/or financial situation in order to offer the best help available. In most cases we’ll be able to make an all cash offer for your home in Lake Charles and get you paid before foreclosure hits your front door step. Call (337) 246-5935 or use the form below to request a cash offer today.

Get Cash Quickly!

Sell Your Lake Charles House to Get Cash Quickly
Sometimes you just don’t feel like waiting months to sell your house and you want your cash quickly. That’s where Bayou Property Partners can help. Unlike the traditional methods of selling a home in Louisiana, we remove a lot of the roadblocks and time wasters associated with real estate agents. We don’t require home inspections. We also won’t be listing your home, staging it, or showing it to the public.
We’ll buy your house directly and pay you cash in just a couple weeks. Get the cash you want, or need, to pay off debt or avoid costly repairs. Contact a company that buys houses for cash in Lake Charles. Call Bayou Property Partners at (337) 246-5935 or use the form below to find out how much we can offer for your home.

Sell Your House Fast to Relocate

Sell Your Lake Charles House to Relocate
Are you a homeowner in Louisiana looking to sell a house fast in order to relocate? Maybe you just landed your dream job out of state or you just wrapped up a stressful divorce. Good or bad, easy or stressful, Bayou Property Partners is here to help homeowners who need to sell fast to relocate.
If you need to relocate, chances are you’re in a timeline crunch. You’ll want to sell your house before having to pay mortgages for two separate homes or one home and rent for one apartment. Moving out of state before selling your house doesn’t necessarily work if you need a large amount of cash for your new place.
Sell your house fast to Bayou Property Partners! We’ll buy your house without the need to wait for home inspections or potential buyers to come knocking on your door. We pay all cash and even take care of things like repairs and cleaning after the sale is done.
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