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How to Stage Your Lake Charles Home for a Quick Sale

Home staging goes beyond decorating. Since your goal is to sell your Lake Charles home fast, you want to stage it to appeal to the largest homebuyer pool.

Posted by Bayou Property Partners on November 3, 2021
How to Stage Your Lake Charles Home for a Quick Sale

Home staging entails visual merchandising. It goes beyond mere decorating according to your personal style. Since your goal is to sell your Lake Charles home fast, you want to stage it to appeal to the largest homebuyer pool.

However, staging should not be obvious. Just as you would not dress too garishly at a formal event, you want your home to be noticeable without deliberately drawing attention. People are smart enough to see through overly flattering properties, especially since your home is likely not exactly new.

Here are three ways to stage your Lake Charles home for a quick sale without being too obvious about flattering the pool of homebuyers.

Remove Signs of Personalization

You are selling your home for someone else to inhabit. So, you must remove keepsakes that remind potential buyers that someone else has lived in the home they are buying. Your house must be spotless of any vacation memorabilia, family photos, and height markers on your door frames so that potential buyers can imagine themselves in their new home.

Aim for nearly empty rooms when selling your Lake Charles home. Potential buyers are surely going to use your rooms for other purposes, meaning your storage room might end up becoming another bedroom for them.

Keep the essential appliances on display, empty your cupboards, put away any toys your kids might have, and offer hand soaps on bathroom counters should potential buyers want to test your faucets. Try to stage your home the way it was when you bought it.

Paint Over Your Walls With Neutral Colors

This tip is related to depersonalizing your Lake Charles home to appeal to potential homebuyers. Potential buyers have their own tastes and styles. They most likely are visiting your Lake Charles home with an idea already in their heads about how they want to decorate your place. So, you would do well to repaint your walls with neutral colors to let potential buyers know that they have a blank canvas to work on.

Be sure to tear down your wallpaper if you have any. Avoid painting over your wallpaper because this will turn off potential buyers. When they notice that you painted over your wallpaper, they will think about all the work they will have to do if they decide on purchasing your home. You do not want potential buyers to second guess their decision.

Freshen Up Your Lake Charles Home During Open House

On the day that you show off your Lake Charles home after all your staging efforts, perhaps a few hours before, be sure to use disinfectant spray and air fresheners to get rid of any uninviting odors. You want to make sure your Lake Charles home does not trigger any allergies in your potential buyers, so make sure your home is clean when they arrive.


While staging your home in Lake Charles for a quick sale can make your property appealing to most homebuyers, it may not be the most sure-fire way of closing a sale. If your goal is to sell your Lake Charles home for fast cash, consider getting a fast cash offer on your home from Bayou Property Partners. Contact us today to skip the effort of tidying up your Lake Charles home on the off chance that someone gets interested in buying.


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